Ericsson A1018

Ericsson A1018s in steel blue

Popular fashion phone

  • Date launched: 1999
  • Network: GSM 900Mhz/1800Mhz
  • Form: Candy Bar
  • Size: 49(w)x130(h)x23(d) mm
  • Weight: 163g
  • Cost new: £149.99 on BT Cellnet Advance
  • Can you use it today: Yes
Ericsson A1018s in granite grey

Ericsson launched the A1018 at the cheaper end of the market. It continued the 'Jane' body style that began with the EH237. The A1018 was a dual band phone with interchangeable front panels, although not complete fascias. At last Ericsson made the screen larger.

The A1018 was a typical well made Ericsson phone, which the company claimed was built to last, if you needed that in the fast changing world of mobile phones, that is.

At the same time it was meant to be a fun and fashionable phone as well. The A1018 came in colours to suit every mode. For business users there was granite grey or plum wine. Another option was desert khaki, which came with alternative covers in midnight blue or firebrick red. Or if you preferred something more in your face: lime green or mandarin orange, or may be something more tonal in chocolate brown or cream. However, the most common colour appears to be steel blue.

The A1018 was available on some of the more expensive PAYG deals. BT Cellnet was offering it on their Advance tariff for £149.99, and you could get two for the price of one at Boots on these phones.


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"can i get headsets for my Ericsson A1018S.I REAL TREASURE IT MUCH" asingura hosea 10/22/2013
"I had one of these from the Coca-Cola promotion, ?30 and 30 ring pulls if I remember correctly. It came customised with silver fascia with bubbles and Coca-Cola's theme tune as a ring tone. Great phone!" Harry Smith 02/11/2015
"Ahhh... My first mobile phone. I think I got mine in 2000 or 2001 when it was going for £50. I got fed up with BT phone kiosks as it was a case of the booth having been used as a toilet, the phone being vandalized or swallowing my money but not giving me a call." john smith 08/09/2016
"I have 2 of them and they both work great, but one of the batteries is dead. I looked for a new one but couldn't find it, anyone know where I can get it? It's the really slim battery with the "gumstick shape" battery cells inside it and those kind of cells are out of production." Michael Rotch 03/26/2017
"My father bought one of these for my grandmother back when it was first released and she still uses it. These phones are really durable!" Jack Wolfe 08/18/2017
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