Ericsson GA318

Ericsson GA318

Smart consumer phone

  • Date launched: 1996
  • Network: GSM 900Mhz
  • Form: Candy bar
  • Size: 49(w)x130(h)x32.5(d) mm
  • Weight: 248g
  • Cost new: £50 (1)
  • Can you use it today: Yes

The Ericsson GA318 was Ericsson's first real attempt at a consumer phone. It built on the successful GH337, but was dressed in a fashionable cover.

The keypad came with nice to feel rubber buttons and the keypad surround was available in a choice of three colours. The earpiece was decorated with a simple wave pattern, giving the phone a much neater and less busy look than the GH337.

Like Nokia's transformation of the 2110 to the 1610 for the consumer market, the GA318 boasted an impressive battery, the Ericsson's high capacity battery with 67 hours of standby time came as standard.

Like the Nokia 1610, it was also light on features. It could only receive, but not send text messages. There was no calculator or clock included.

In spite of these drawbacks, the GA318 is quite a nice handset to handle and it had a strong following in the 90s.


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"I still own a functioning one (not used for a long time since my batteries died) & lately I have this wish to re-energize it again.. Have been trying to find a new battery for it, but unfortunately still nothing found :((" Minas Sfakianakis 04/04/2012
"Hi, I have found Ericsson batteries to be particularly bad a lasting. However, for many phones they are interchangeable. Batteries for the EH237 and GH337 also fit this phone.

You have two options, either buy another working phone, or try to source an original battery. You might end up paying as much for just the battery. eBay is the best place to look. Best regards" Steven 04/05/2012
"If you disassemble the dead battery you'll find 5xAAA cells inside. They are widely available so all you need is to solder them together" Professor 05/27/2012
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