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These are some of my favourite sites about older and vintage mobile phones.

Mobile phone history

There are a couple of other sites worth visiting about mobile phone history.

The University of Salford web site has some excellent pages about mobile phone history. Go to University of Salford - Mobile phones and Preserving Mobile Phone History by Professor Nigel Linge.

Also have a look at for articles on mobile phone history and time line.

The THG (Telecommunications Heritage Group) is a society devoted to preserving telecoms history.


If you have bought a phone on eBay and want to unlock it, this site offers unbiased and free help and advice.

Books about mobile phones

Constant Touch

Constant Touch by Jon Agar is a good general history about the spread of mobile phones throughout the world. It tackles the human aspect as well as the technical- Buy 'Constant Touch' from Amazon

The Ugly Duckling: Mobile phones from Ericsson

The Ugly Duckling, by John Meurling and Richard Jeans, is an excellent book about the history of Ericsson handsets packed with inside information - Buy from Amazon

Mobile phone history