Ericsson GA628

Ericsson GA628 in green, yellow, blue and red

Any colour you want it to be

  • Date launched: 1997
  • Network: GSM 900Mhz
  • Form: Candy bar
  • Size: 49(w)x130(h)x28(d) mm
  • Weight: 170g
  • Talk time: 4.6 hours
  • Standby time: 83 hours
  • Cost new: £50 (1)
  • Can you use it today: Yes

The Ericsson GA628 was the first phone you could easily customise. Every new Ericsson GA628 came with four different front panels in green, yellow, blue or red.

As mobile usership changed from high flying businessmen to more ordinary people, early adopters were the young. Young people were less than excited by the rather boring palette of most mobile phones. Black or grey were by far the most common colours.

Accessory suppliers quickly anticipated this change and made complete replacement cases for current mobile phones which allowed you to change or transform your phone to a bright primary colour, transparent, or burr walnut. To fit one of these though, you had to be comfortable with the fiddly process of prising the phone apart and invalidating the guarantee.

Ericsson was a pioneer of the consumer look with the brown and orange Harry Hotline handsets which dated back to the 80s. However, they were still all the same colour. Nokia offered the analogue Nokia 101 in green, blue, red, white or plum, but once you had made your choice that was it. Mobiles were too expensive to join the Swatch trend of being cheap enough for someone to want to own several, even if they could swap the SIM cards. So along came the the Ericsson GA628.

If you didn't fancy the selection that came with the phone, other panels were available at £14.99.

As you might expect from Ericsson, one of the founding fathers of the telecoms industry, the phone was of high quality, although, to some reviewers there was some compromise on the voice quality compared to earlier Ericsson phones. It also felt a less solid product than the GA318, which it replaced.


Ericsson GA628 phones on eBay


(1) From the Link (on Cellnet October 1998)

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"Hello I have two GA 628 and one work wery well. But one have some problems whit loudspeeker. I wonder can you give me somme advice what to do whit my phone.
Leif Norrkoping Sweden" Leif Lundin 04/12/2015
"I have Ericson ga628 still in good condition but with no charger and aerial. Where can I buy charger and aerial?" Nakedi Maxwell 05/14/2016
"I would try eBay. You might have to buy another phone to get one, but it will probably be the cheapest route. Follow the link above on this page." Steven 05/17/2016
"I bought one last week, had to fix the battery (simply replace 4 AA cells) and it's been good on one charge for almost a week, and it's been on 24 hours a day. Great phone really, although it is a bit annoying to only have one line of test in messages..." Trouble Killer 04/01/2017
"I remember having one of these back in the day, it was very durable! I believe I had it for about 10 years and it still worked perfectly fine when I finally decided to upgrade." Jack Wolfe 08/18/2017
"I have only one,but the big problem is the batt has been broken...I've tried to recycle it but useless" Angga Pradipta 06/05/2018
"Yes the problem is the batteries for these phones are getting the end of their useful lives." Steven 06/12/2018
"I have one of these but it?s turned on and code a msg saying ?Bloc.cod.:? do you know what this is?" Sarah 01/30/2019
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