Ericsson GF768/PF768

Ericsson PF768

Ericsson's first flip phone

  • Date launched: 1998
  • Network: GSM 900Mhz (GF768)/1800Mhz (PF768)
  • Form: Flip
  • Size: 49(w)x105(h)x24(d) mm
  • Weight: 135g
  • Talk time: 3 hours (GF768)/3.5 hours (PF768)
  • Standby time: 60 hours (GF768)/55 hours (PF768)
  • Cost new: £179.99 (1)
  • Can you use it today: Yes

The GF768 was a brand new phone for 1998. The new phone was Ericsson's first flip phone. It was also Ericsson's first handset designed by their in-house stylists based in the USA. Previous handsets were the work of Richard Lindahl based in Malmo.

The new phone had a lukewarm reception amongst reviewers. It was smaller than previous Ericsson handsets and came in a number of different colours. However, the GF768 was larger and heavier than the Motorola StarTAC, launched two years earlier.

The GF768 was also not as easy to use as contemporary Nokia phones such as the 8110. Nokia's menu system was the standard by which other phones were judged.

A feature it shared with other Ericsson phones was the tiny LCD screen, which was also looking dated by 1998.

Other variants

The PF768 was the same phone for the One2One network.


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"Would love to buy the gray version of the gf768 model w/ new battery & original charger stand!" Brian Keith Brimmer 10/28/2013
"Dear Friend
how are you ?
How can i get this phone?
how can i buy?
thank you
6281310622157" petrus JM 04/10/2014
"I have a red one - and the original box..." Ruth 08/20/2014
"I have one of these phones in like new condition.
Only 1 or 2 months infrequent use." Thomas Keoppel 01/30/2016
"I remember reading sms word by word, because of single line/ single word display." Hans from Liberec CZ 08/14/2019
"wow this is my first phone i used in my young age and still i have it as remembrance. love it and its wonderful memories back there" clarence perera 11/21/2019
"Seen in Vodafone ad with Michael Richards hahaha" John Matthew 02/20/2020
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