Motorola DynaTAC 8000X

Motorola DynaTAC 8000X, 1985 (authur:Redrum0486, distributed under Creative Commons Attribution ShareAlike 3.0)

The world's first hand portable mobile phone

When mobile phones arrived in the UK in 1985, the handsets were most likely to be the Motorola 8000X. It was the world's first hand portable and had been available in the USA since 1983.

You could get the 8000X in three colour schemes, beige and cream, black and white, or white. BT had their own black and maroon livery.

These phones were a rare sight in 1985 and attracted attention. People were already noticing them on trains, in restaurants and on the street.

Although, big, heavy and awkward to use, they fulfilled a needed for which there was a pent up demand and those that could justify the enormous cost of the handsets at £3000, snapped them up eagerly.

In an attempt to make the 8000X more affordable, Motorola made a slightly cheaper model, the 8000S, which it launched in 1985. It had one fewer, button, but was otherwise similar. The saving was only around £300. Competition from other manufacturers, particular NEC, forced Motorola to cut the cost of its phones. The Motorola 8000X dropped from £3000 in 1985 to £599 by 1988. Motorola had already introduced a new phone by then, the 8500X.


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Cool thanks for this

Muddassar Mehmood
Hi I have a Sony Mars bar phone fully boxed with all the accessories is there any value for the phone
Great scott!
Great site!
Shirley Barber
I have a Motorolo microTAC Classic flip mobile. New condition with instruction book. Is this worth anything? Shirley Barber
Can you play minecraft on it and does it also have the new update.
i have a 1886 purchased mobiletronics pocket phone ,with charger and stand , made in england , cost me 4700 aussie dollars at the time , smallest phone available at the time
richard roberts
Hi I have what I believe a old car phone but cant find details of it. its a Motorola ccuf217gb any info would be great thanks in advance.
Hi I have a Motorola Accompli 008 boxed with 2 chargers, earphones, leather carry case. Is it worth selling or hanging on to? Thanks
Chargers are quite easy to come by as the batteries were the same on later Motorola bricks. Best regards
brendan halpin
i have 8000s with lots of battery's but only have in-car charger
Baljeet Bhogal
Nice phone.
Gary Purcell
Hi, I have a Graphite One to One Phone and box with the credit card type sim card sold by Currys years ago ? any value ?? Thank You Gary P Also a fast charger for the brick phone vary rare charger ? & Phone
Hi Caroline, Boxed Motorola flip phones, the later GSM ones, sell for around £20 on eBay. best regards
Caroline Carney
Hi I have a Motorola 7500 GSM flip phone in it's original box from BT. It has all the paperwork including it's intact sim card and it has all the electrical pieces charger etc as well. I want to sell it but I have no idea how much it is worth and as I want to do it for a charity I want the best possible price for it. Can you advise me what is the best way to do this please. CarolineGIDRE
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