Motorola 5080/5200/7200/7500

Motorola 5200, 7500 and 8700

MicroTAC meets GSM

Motorola's successful analogue MicroTAC was chalking up sales in the UK and the USA. Although they based their first attempt at digital phones on the heavy transportable and brick forms, the small, light and trendy MicroTAC seemed the obvious choice for the new technology.

From 1994 Motorola brought out a succession of new phones developed from the MicroTAC for GSM. With the digital phones the 'flip' became a thin piece of plastic covering the keys. Digital circuitry was more bulky and this was a way of hiding it.

Motorola developed a range of these phones from 1994 to 1997 catering from every price point from entry level to prestige phones.

Motorola also developed the basic MicroTAC digital phones for the One2One and Orange networks. One2One's more expensive phone, the M300, was a restyled Motorola flip phone and Orange offered the MR1 as an alternative to the Nokia 2140.

The MicroTAC series was eventually eclipsed by the smaller and lighter StarTAC at the top end and by cheaper phones such as the budget Motorola Memphis at the bottom end of the market.


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"Hello. I am a fiction writer and need help with a query about mobile phones. My current story is based in 1995. In it, a character uses a mobile phone on open-speakerphone so other characters can listen in to the conversation. Was this possible in 1995. If not, when was the first phone available that had this facility and what model was it, please? If anyone could help, I'd be grateful." Dan Garrett 05/10/2021
"I can't find any reference to a speaker phone function in phones from the mid 90s. They did have hands free car kits.
I also looked through the manual for the Nokia 2110 You could adjust the earpiece volume, but there was no mention of a speaker phone option." Steven Braggs 05/16/2021
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