Motorola Timeport L7089

Motorola Timeport L7089

The world's first tri-band GSM phone

The Motorola Timeport L7089, was the first phone that worked in Europe, the UK and the USA. For a short time it became the international businessman's phone of choice. It might have lacked the glamour of the Motorola StarTAC, or the fashion sense of the latest Nokia, but this phone was all about functionality.

The world of mobile communications was changing rapidly at the turn of the century. The old analogue standard originally favoured by the UK and the USA was rapidly eclipsed by GSM. Although GSM was meant to be the same standard for all, at least within the EU, the UK and the USA went their own way.

Enter the Timeport. Motorola's latest phone worked on GSM 900Mhz, used by most of Europe, and Vodafone and Cellnet in the UK, 1800Mhz used by Orange and One2One and 1900Mhz used in some US and Canadian states. We had seen dual band phones before, but to be truly international you needed a Tri-Band.

Hans Snook, the founder of Orange, had a Motorola Timeport. He did business in Europe and the USA and wanted a phone that could be used in most countries. He thought it was a bit flash, although he told the Guardian that he wasn't.

Whilst Hans Snook, may have wanted the phone for its practicality, the kudos to be gained from owning a phone that worked throughout the world was immense. However, the Timeport's reign was short. The Nokia 6310i soon ousted it as the top executive's phone of choice.

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I had one of those. It had great call quality. Sadly the software was *****.

I like this old type mobile gsm
Hi best Motorola Timeport
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