Nokia 7650

Nokia 7650

First European phone with a built in camera

The Nokia 7650 was the first mobile with the Symbian OS and Europe's first phone with a built-in camera.

It was just what the industry needed. Basic phones were as cheap as they were going to get and with nearly everyone who wanted one having one. Manufacturers and network providers needed a reason for people to go out and buy another mobile phone. Many hoped the Nokia 7650 would be the reason.

Nokia 7650

The Nokia 7650 must have looked strange to phone users at the time. It was a slide phone, but the keypad slid out from behind the phone. If you were not dialling a number, most of the controls could be accessed via the joystick. The menus were fairly intuitive to use and the colour screen would have been entirely new to Nokia users.

Sliding the slider to expose the keypad also opened the camera lens. The 7650 had a built-in 640x480 pixel camera. This was hopeless for serious photography, but perfect for sending a snap to a friend with the Multimedia Messaging Service (MMS) provided in Europe.

The 7650 was also a smart phone. The Symbian OS v6.1 powered the interface which offered messaging, WAP internet access, image management, calendar, to-do lists and a colour version of the famous Nokia Snake game.

The Nokia 7650 was announced towards the end of 2001, but took it took a long time for a European provider to even offer an MMS service. The Nokia 7650 became a highly desirable accessory for a time. Commentators worried about the high price, but they need not of worried, it was an instant success.


(1) The Sunday Times, 4 August 2002, 'Can Nokia Save us?'.

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"poor olden day people so glad i have a nice phone" catherine garrett 10/05/2012
"Catherine, If you were currently in 2002, this phone would be cutting edge, and you would be very happy with the phone, and you wouldn't know about future phones. Also, from the vantage point of 2014 I recommend that you ditch your iPhone 4s or android hero. The new galaxy S5, and IPhone 6 are coming out soon, you don't know what you're missing!" Jim Carlton 09/04/2014
"Actually, the iPhone 6 has some major issues: a). it is bendable in your pocket
b). it can tear your hair out if you put it up to your hair." The Statician 11/08/2014
"Dear sir

We need nokia 7650, could possible to send ua please


Ali" Aysha Oil Company 01/29/2017
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