Nokia 8210

Nokia 8210

Groundbreaking, ultra cool phone

The Nokia 8210 is a nice object to hold. It is small and light; light enough be a modern phone. Turn it on and you will be surprised by the dated monochrome display. On the outside this phone could be new and many people wish Nokia would still make something like it today.

Nokia launched the 8210 in Paris Fashion Week, joining forces with the the Kenzo fashion house, which was celebrating its 30th anniversary.

Nokia had already established the concept of a fashion phone with the now bulky looking 5110 of a year earlier. The 8210 took the concept a stage further. It was a consumer phone, but with a premium price. The 8210 had advanced features such as predictive text, voice dialling and infra-red docking, however, it was all about coolness.

Like the 5110, the 8210 had Xpress-on covers. They were an opportunity for designers to show off their talent by creating unique versions. Nokia held a regular fashion collection auction in aid of the Terrance Higgins Trust. The 2001 collection featured designs by Jimmy Choo, Clements Ribeiro and Jasper Conran. The design that raised the most money was a baby blue cover decorated with ostrich feathers by young Brit designer, Lola Swift.

Like all phones before it the 8210 quickly dropped in price from its launch price of around £200. By 2001, The Link was offering it free, if you traded in your old handset.

The Nokia 8210, started life as a premium product, with a high price tag and ended as common place, throw away item. One Nokia 8210, which after being passed around a group of Australian lads, ended its days being booted off Tower Bridge, is immortalised on YouTube.


Nokia 8210 on Wikipedia

Nokia 8210 - commercial - 1999

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alleine dragonfyre

I am pretty sure this is the phone I had to talk to my new boyfriend. We were/are inseparable! <3

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max xxox
stupid from candy bar/man
I'll never forget the 8250!
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