The NEC 9A was launched in the UK in the Autumn of 1987. It very quickly became the fastest selling new cell phone in 1988. Its smaller size and reduced weight, combined with a sophisticated feature set, made it a strong competitor for Motorola.

Later that year electrical retailing giant, Comet, discounted this phone to £599. In those days a car phone was still a cheaper proposition than a mobile phone and Comet offered the NEC 11A car phone for £399. For that you got the phone installed and a free 14" colour TV or a CD player and a £50 discount voucher for an Amstrad computer!

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The full model number is NEC TR5E1320-9A.


These phones are quite rare, in spite of them being a big seller. Few seemed to have survived. The NEC 9A is good an example of an 80s brick phone and is likely to appreciate in value. Grab one now whilst they are still cheap.

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Graham J
I have just unearthed a vintage phone which I bought back in the 80's and wondered what it's current value is ?? The phone is a NEC 11a c/w full car installation kit, mains charger, car aerial kit, manual etc.
Recently got this for literally a couple of bucks at flea market with the desktop, i can't tell the model since the label almost unreadable, but it made in Australia and got retractable antenna just not like in this page, sadly it didn't come with the adapter too, can anyone tell what voltage is it take? since labels on mine is all grayed out.
Yes, the value is about £30 to £50. They are not that common, but are a classic brick from the 80s.
Steve fox
I have a complete NEC TR5E1320-11A with an extra handset and transceiver unit. Are these collectable/worth anything these days? Any info would be appreciated. Thank you.
Julius Pereira
I have a vintage NEC Tr5E800-8A mobile bage phone like new that I am interested in selling. This phone has a red receiver. Ser.No. 5Y-57214
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