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Links and advertising

Can I advertise on

Yes, we offer advertisements through Google Adwords or directly with Retrowow. If you would like to advertise directly with us please contact [email protected]. Please note, all our advertising is tagged rel='nofollow'.

Will you link to my site?

We only link to sites that we think will be of interest to readers of this site.

What about links on your content pages?

We do have links on our content pages, but they are selected by us as to be particular relevant to the subject and to add to the user's experience of the site. We prefer to research links for our content pages ourselves and do not normally link to websites that are drawn to our attention unless a via sponsored link (see below).

SEO (search engine optimisation) schemes

We will not enter into any arrangements whatsoever designed to artificially inflate the positioning of a site in Google's index. All sponsored links will have the rel=nofollow attribute.

Do you value phones on-line?

The value of individual phones depends on a number of factors - condition, age, style and above all someone willing to part with their hard-earned cash for it. Regrettably we are unable to value items online. The best way to find out how much something is worth is to have a look at completed listings for similar items on eBay.

Mobile phone history