Motorola v3688

Motorola v3688

Smallest and lightest phone for busy socialites

Competition for the smallest and lightest phone was hot at the end of the last century. Motorola's flagship StarTAC phone, which had originally sold for £1400, was looking decidedly dated alongside newer phones from Nokia. Motorola needed another attention grabbing phone. The v3688 once again won the title of the world's smallest and lightest phone for Motorola.

Unlike, the StarTAC, the v3688 was aimed not at the very top of the market, but at 20-35 year olds with busy social lives. It was all about staying in touch.

Motorola launched a new high status business phone, the tri-band Timeport later in the year, separating their cutting edge fashion and business phones.

Motorola chose PR firm 'Firefly' to bring the v3688 to market in the UK. Like Nokia had done in the past, they launched it at London Fashion Week.

The campaign was successful and V-series phones carried significant kudos at this time. Motorola marketed a whole range of clamshell phones based on this original design.


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"Hello my name is manny and I'm
Interested in purchasing this phone pls contact me if you are interested in selling it thanks" Manny 12/02/2013
"I had the silver version of this phone in 99 as a company phone and felt ultra cool" Deep 05/05/2017
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