Top 10 small and light mobile phones.

When mobile phones first appeared in the 80s they were bulky and heavy. Ever since manufacturers have tried to reduce the size and weight of mobile phones. Obviously there are limits, as us humans still have to use them after all!

These are the ten phones tiny phones of all time:

Motorola 9800X, 1989

1989 - Motorola 9800X - 349g

When Motorola launched the 9800X it was the smallest and lightest mobile phone. It was also the first of a new kind of phone, the flip phone.

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Sony CMH-333, 1993

1993 - Sony CMH-333 - 235g

Sony miniaturised the transistor radio in the 60s and the Walkman in the 80s. They gave mobile phones the same treatment in the 90s.

Sony CM-R111, 1994

1994 - Sony CM-R111 - 195g

Sony did it again with the CM-R111, was this the smallest a phone could get? But both these Sony phones were on analogue.

Nokia 2110i

1994 - Nokia 2110 - 235g

The Nokia 2110 was the smallest, lightest GSM phone around when it was launched in January 1994.

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Ericsson GH337

1994 - Ericsson GH337 - 200g

Ericsson went one better with the GH337. However, the usability of the Nokia meant it won out in the end.

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Motorola StarTAC, 1996

1996 - Motorola StarTAC - 98g

The Motorol StarTAC was the smallest and lightest phone in the world in 1996 and the first clamshell style phone.

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Motorola v3688

1998 - Motorola v3688 - 83g

Motorola did it again with the v3688, smaller and lighter than even the StarTAC, it was immediately adopted by the rich and famous.


Ericsson T28S, 1999

1999 - Ericsson T28 - 83g

The Ultra slim Ericsson T28 had a lithium polymer battery. The flip could be use to start and end calls and it could support 37 languages.

Ericsson T28

Nokia 8210, 1999 (author: TEL0000)

1999 - Nokia 8210 - 79g

Nokia's smallest and lightest phone. When Nokia launched it at the Paris Fashion Show in 1999 it became the most desirable consumer phone on the planet.

Nokia 8210

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