List of Ericsson phones from the 90s

This is a list of the Ericsson phones available in the UK market in the 1990s.

Year Phone Network Form (*) Remarks
1989 Hotline Pocket ETACS Curt Ericsson's first hand portable continued the Hotline range which started with a transportable phone, the Hotline Combi, on the Nordic NMT network in 1986. The colour scheme, brown with orange buttons, was dated. The Hotline Pocket was a phone for big (and deep) pockets!
1991 EH72 ETACS Olivia A smaller, lighter and improved phone compared to the Hotline Pocket, but the brown and orange colour scheme continued.
1992 EH97 ETACS Sandra Last of the Hotline phones - What Cellphone compared it to a 70s' calculator
1992 GH172 GSM Olivia Ericsson's first GSM phone, also in brown and orange.  It was similar in looks to the EH72
1993 EH237 ETACS Jane A superb modern design, it won the 1994 Caesar Award for Best Mobile Phone
1993 GH197 GSM Sandra GSM version of the EH97, but grey with white buttons. It won 1994 Caesar Award for Best GSM Phone
1994 GH337 GSM Jane GSM version of the EH237, it won the 1995 Caesar Award for Best Mobile Phone
1995 EH238 ETACS Jane Improved EH237 with Fur Elise ring tone
1995 PH337 PCN Jane PCN version of GH337 for Mercury and Orange networks
1996 GH388 GSM Jane Slimmer version of the GH337
1996 GA318 GSM Jane Consumer version of the GH337. It was stylish and popular, but lacked features.
1996 Orange er100 PCN Jane Orange version of the GH337, styled like the GA318
1997 PH338 PCN Jane PCN version of the GH388
1997 GA628 GSM Jane Popular entry level Ericsson; the first phone with interchangeable front panels
1997 GH688 GSM Jane Executive phone, the ultimate Jane phone - large screen, perfect sound quality
1997 GS18 GSM - Ericsson took over Orbitel, this is an Ericsson branded Orbitel phone
1996 Orange er500 PCN Jane Smaller and lighter version of the er500
1998 GF768 GSM Emma First Ericsson flip phone
1998 PF768 PCN Emma PCN version of GF768
1999 T28 GSM - Ultra slim phone
1999 A1018 GSM/PCN Jane Budget dual band phone

(*) Ericsson phones used several basic shapes. They were generally named after girls' names, although the first phone 'Curt', was obviously named after a boy! See Vintage Ericsson Phones for a more detailed explanation.

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